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About Steppin Out
Since 1979 Steppin’ Out has been providing handmade shoes and unique footwear for film, theatre and opera. We have been a trusted leader in bespoke shoemaking, and the source that many theatrical and film production companies turn to when outfitting their star’s feet.

We also assist individuals looking for quality, durable and stylish footwear. So if you’re require something out of the ordinary for your theatrical or film production, or just yourself, we are sure to be able to help you. Check out our gallery to see some of the many different examples of footwear we have produced. Contact us today to discover how we can put your feet in one-of-a-kind footwear.

If you have an idea that you want to have footwear produced overseas, but don’t know where to begin, Steppin’ Out can make a production sample and provide the specifications for manufacturers. This avoids spending a lot of time, effort and the cost of trying to explain your idea through an interpreter. It also allows you to preview and market test your footwear. We offer personalised consultations or we can tailor the entire sample making package for you.

If you want to learn to make footwear Steppin’ Out offers master classes in footwear design and production.

Film and theatre

Film and Theatre Productions
Steppin’ Out’s handmade shoes are known for their strength, durability, and quality finish that suit both the performer and the designer.

For Jodie Morrison, the creative force at Steppin’ Out, the driving philosophy has always been to make beautiful shoes that perfectly combine form and function. Currently, our stage footwear is being featured in productions currently being performed all over the world including:

  • Wicked the Musical (Asian Tour)
  • Love Never Dies (Australia)
  • Phantom of the Opera (South African Tour)
  • Mary Poppins (Australasian Tour)
  • Onegin (Australian Ballet)
  • Alice in Wonderland (Qld Ballet)

Steppin’ Out has also provided specialized historic and period footwear for numerous films such as:

  • The Hobbit (currently in production)
  • Moulin Rouge
  • King Kong
  • The Piano
  • The Chronicles of Narnia
  • The Great Gatsby
  • The Matrix
  • Babe 1 & Babe 2

We also provide a consultancy service in relation to the sourcing of footwear for film and theatre.


Hand Made Shoes
Steppin’ Out can design footwear to meet your specific tastes and preferences, making sure that what we create is what you want.

We work directly with the customer to ensure that the shoe matches your needs, without sacrificing the aesthetic experience that comes from a beautiful hand-crafted shoe. Please contact us for an appointment or you can speak with us over the phone and send us your foot measurements. Contact Us.


Contact us +61 2 9568 6787

Almost anything is possible given time, money and of course imagination!

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Foot Measurement

Measure your feet

For us to create perfectly fitting shoes it is important that we have your correct measurements. Instructions for taking these can be found in the video below.

To successfully take the required measurements you will need 4 pieces of equipment:

Your measurement sheet

A pencil

A ruler

A tape measure

Once all of these measurements have been recorded you’re done. Your measurement sheet can now be sent by snail mail to:

Steppin’ Out

Po box 458

Haberfield NSW


If you have any problems obtaining these measurements please feel free to contact us.


Feel free to contact Jodie Morrison by phone or email, email form provided below.

By appointment at

Unit 6, Shed One 1 Canal Road Film Centre, Leichhardt, 2040

or write to us at

PO Box 458

Haberfield 2045 NSW

or call us

T +61 2 9568 6787

Email us at



Shoe course

Shoe Making Course
After many years of enquiries we have now decided to offer master classes in footwear design and production. Out teachers have taught at Sydney’s School of Footwear, NIDA’s Costume Course, and the Fashion Institute New York. We will provide you with a personalised approach to learning the basic skills needed including: design, patterns and the hand making of footwear.

We offer:

1 week Intensive.

Class size 4 people min – 6 people max.

Conducted at the Steppin’ Out Studio in Leichhardt NSW. During this course you will complete one pair of shoes from the design of your choice, from pattern making through to the finished product. You will complete particular stages each day, so that you get an overview of shoemaking which includes; measuring a foot, making a pattern, fitting the Last, cutting, stitching, hand lasting, heel and sole making, socking and boxing.

Cost $2200 including materials.

Please contact us for upcoming dates

10 week Pattern Cutting Masterclass.

Class size 6 people min – 10 people max.

Conducted at the Steppin’ Out studio in Leichhardt. Suitable for those with some previous footwear experience. Objectives are to understand the basics of pattern making up to the pullover stage (you will not actually be finishing a pair of shoes in this course). This includes: detailed making of a forme, standards for a Court shoe/Boot/Oxford/Derby, sewing a try-on, pitching a heel, importance of fit of a last, information about machining.

Cost $970 inc GST + $150 for materials.

These courses follow a basic structure so that realistic goals are achieved within the timeframe, although you may find yourself continuing some lessons at home. Each course will be well supervised, offering you the support and information needed, to either add to your current skill base, or to start you off on your shoemaking journey.

Please contact us if you are interested in finding out more – booking and deposits are essential as class sizes are limited.

We plan to offer future courses for students that suit your specific needs and skill levels, including tailor made courses for people in retail, fashion and manufacturing as well as project development for TAFE students. Please contact us if you are interested in getting a class together.

Please note that we require a 30% non refundable deposit to secure your spot in our courses.

Jodie Morrison
Steppin’ Out

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